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Let your Real Estate License Work while you Don’t

Whether you are a new licensee or Veteran Realtor look to get out of Full Time Real Estate, You can hang your license with us and get Paid thousands of dollars for your referrals. Stop paying all the fees associated with being a full time agent! Agent Direct Realty is A LFRO (Limited Function Referral Organization) network of licensed real estate associates, who direct business to full time real estate professionals, in return for Referral Fees!

Work from Home – Keep in Touch with your Sphere

Agent Direct Realty provides state of the art Contact Management and CRM software to allow you to E-Mail market to your current clients and prospects, track your referrals, and make sure the full time Realtor who received your referral, handles the transaction properly (all Automatically). No longer do you have to worry about your referrals, our system will insure that they are handled properly, and that you are updated at every stage of the transaction.