Agent Benefits

By Joining Agent Direct Realty (ADR), you will become a Referral Specialist and enjoy the benefits of Real Estate without the work that comes with being a full service agent.
Refer your clients through ADR and the system will manage the rest. You receive a 20% referral fee, legally!

That can be thousands of dollars per transaction paid directly to you.

When you hang your Real Estate License with Agent Direct Realty, you are set-up to earn income by staying aware of the real estate needs of your Friends, Family, Neighbors, Past Clients, and Current Sphere of Influence!  When someone you know needs a real estate professional (anywhere in the United States) to buy or sell property, you can refer them to a Real Estate Professional who will best assist them through the process - And you get paid at the closing!

Referral Fees are set at 20% of the Commission earned on the Real Estate Transaction with NO Transaction Fee.

You help your neighbor sell his home for $300,000.
 Sales Price:      $300,000
 Commission at 3%:          $9,000
 Referral Fee of 20%      $1,800
 Less: Transaction Fee:      $    0
 Net Check to You!     $1,800

At ADR you do not belong to a board or an MLS, and you do not pay monthly fees or dues!
Your Referral base is you, your Family, Friends, Co-workers and whoever you come into contact with!

So, you get the tools you need, the Accountability required to feel assured you will be paid timely and accurately for your referrals, and you keep your license active in case you decide to go to a Full Time career in Real Estate

Membership to Agent Direct Realty is only $100 a year!*